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Campus Environment: Voice and Data

Service Date
In service since 2001.

Defense Contractor

The customer has a central location in Clearwater and expanded into a location within a nearby business park.

The business park is a "smart park" served via Verizon fiber.  However, the dark-fiber interconnect from the customer's main facility was too costly.

We engineered and implemented a private, point-to-point RF microwave system transporting 100MBPS Fast-Ethernet and two T1s carrying voice traffic.

(1) Required tower installation at the business park location and roof standoff at central location.
(2) While power levels are OK, the system required FCC and FAA approvals due to the proximity of the St. Petersburg/Clearwater International Airport, in a post 9/11 regulatory environment.
(3) Competing with Verizon fiber build-out and leasing, the customer achieved ROI in less than two years.
(4) Used local sub-contractors and equipment suppliers.