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Internet Over HDTV

Service Date
Inactive.  Developed 2002 - 2004.

Technology Company

Our customer was located in Sarasota.  The initial pilot tests were to be done in Great Falls, Montana.

A customer in Sarasota came to us with an application requirement for rural areas in support of the "No Child Left Behind" initiative.  The application transported a uni-directional IP data stream to the remote user encapsulated within MPEG High Definition TV packets.

Unlike satellite systems, this system was designed to take advantage of terrestrial HDTV transmitters (Vestigial Side-Band).  The low-speed transmit path from the customer was provided by dial-up modem.

The system was designed to be autonomous, with all access components managed by local TV companies.

(1) As more content shifts to cable networks, this helps the local TV stations.
(2) As more HD content is served, available IP bandwidth is reduced..
(3) FCC changed non-profit station HDTV requirements to support the migration to HDTV systems and transmitters.
(4) Requires routing at the Windows client end (Windows 95, 98, 2000  tested).
(5) Implemented using Cisco routers at the core.
(6) As many local stations are merely network affiliates, growth and acceptance of this business proved to be slow and cumbersome.