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Multiple Point-to-Point Tunnels w/ Internet Bypass

Service Date
In service since 2003.

Medical Practice

The customer has multiple clinics in Clearwater and Tarpon Springs.  Their main site is close to Mease Countryside hospital.

The customer has a heterogeneous IP network, using Integrated T1 at their central facility and a combination of BrightHouse cable modem and Verizon DSL at their remote locations.  We installed Redcreek (now SonicWall) VPN encrypters/routers and setup a secure VPN between their local networks.

Each location's Internet is accessed independently of the other.  Internet traffic does not flow through the tunnel.

(1) Takes advantage of relatively cheap Internet facilities.
(2) Takes advantage of T1 fast service restoral time at their central location..
(3) Allows some autonomy and control at each location.
(4) Triple-DES encryption ensures HIPAA compliance, even today!
(5) The customer's practice management system at the central location can be accessed a variety of ways, including telnet and Terminal Services.